"The Strain" and Recanted Faith

Last night "Belly of the Beast," Episode 5 in Season 4 of The Strain aired. Once again this series included a theological nugget. This one came via the scene where Abraham Setrakian was laying in a hospital bed where he was discovered by Thomas Eichorst, his long-time vampiric enemy. Eichorst had previously lost track of Setrakian for a few months, and this represented an opportunity for him to finally kill him as he lay there helpless. Although Eichorst intended to kill Setrakian, whether he did it quickly or slowly depending upon something he wanted Setrakian to do for him. The viewer might be thinking Eichorst was looking for some kind of intelligence information that would help him destroy the last of Setrakian's colleagues working to destroy The Master. But this was not the case. Instead, Eichorst said he would kill Setrakian quickly if he confessed there was no God. Setrakian refused, and defiantly told Eichorst that hell awaited him. Eichorst was unphazed, repeating his belief that God does not exist.

I found this brief interlude of interest. Eichorst's attempts at getting his soon-to-be-deceased victims to deny their faith has happened before. See the links below to my previous discussions of this. Once again the strained Catholicism of Guillermo del Toro's childhood flows through his work.

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