On the 50th Anniversary of The Twilight Zone's "The Eye of the Beholder"

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of "The Eye of the Beholder," the quintessential episode of the legendary TV series The Twilight Zone, created by Rod Serling, on Thursday, November 11th, 7-9 PM, screened with THE TWILIGHT ZONE FOREVER, a live multimedia presentation by Arlen Schumer, author of Chronicle Books' VISIONS FROM THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Written by series creator Rod Serling, telling the tale of a woman getting plastic surgery for her horribly disfigured face, “The Eye...” is at once both brilliant civil rights allegory for its time, and timeless, cautionary fable for ours—and a masterpiece of television storytelling. Arlen Schumer screens the episode in its entirety as part of his multimedia presentation, The Twilight Zone Forever, which traces the show’s roots in 20th Century surrealist art and ideas, and in turn its influence on today’s movies, television, and modern art—becoming, unarguably, one of The Fathers of American Popular Culture. From high art to low art and back again, Schumer’s The Twilight Zone Forever and "The Eye of the Beholder" will make you look at The Twilight Zone—and television itself—as you never have before.

For tickets go to: and for more information on Schumer and his work on The Twilight Zone see

See our previous series by Schumer on The Twilight Zone in Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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