Salt Lake Tribune: The Vampire’s Religious Roots

I was one of the individuals tapped to provide information for a piece on the vampire for The Salt Lake Tribune along with Joseph Laycock and James D’Arc. The article by Peggy Fletcher Stack is titlted “Christ’s evil twin? The vampire’s religious roots”. From the introductory material:

It takes more than a theological stake to the heart to kill the vampire legend.

Stories of dark-eyed seducers who prey on unsuspecting victims to suck their blood have persisted for more than five centuries. They have haunted our dreams and films, moving from place to place. And they are reborn in every generation. Today these parasites-on-the-living seemingly are everywhere.

From the television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books and films to the current HBO saga, “True Blood,” fascination with these so-called creatures of the night permeates contemporary life, albeit in modern forms. Thousands of living Americans even consider themselves vampires.

So why is this mythic figure so long-lived and potent?

For some answers, including some connections between Mormon history and the vampire, read the article at this link. This article was later reprinted in The Washington Post.

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