Gargoyles: Disney Making Live-Action Film

I learned through a link to my blog from The Grimm Tea Party that Disney Studios has a live-action film on gargoyles in the works. A few websites are reporting on this, including The Hollywood Reporter, which states that

The studio is in the process of hiring Zoe Green to develop a story revolving around the stone creatures for a feature project being produced by Lauren Shuler Donner and Jack Leslie via the Donners’ Co.

The project seeks to build a mythology around the carvings, originally designed in medieval times to act as spouts but later took on roles as powerful symbols to ward off or attract evil. The story is being developed, but it is known to be set in modern times.

Readers may remember the Gargoyles cartoon television series produced by Buena Vista Television (1994-1996), which inspired a comic, video game, and other merchandise according to The Gargoyles Fans Website. Although little information is available on the proposed live-action film, it purporedly will not be an adaptation of the 90s cartoon. I’d like to see Disney take on something with a darker edge to take advantage of the potential in the gargoyle, but it will likely be lighter family fare. I just hope it will be a good film effort that makes the most of these architectural and mythical monsters. Until we find out what Disney comes up with, we’ll have to be content with films like Jeepers Creepers that involves one of the best gargoyle-like monsters to reach the silver screen.

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