Jumping Into the Haunt Industry: Nightmare on 13th Street

The Halloween season has already begun around the country, particularly in Utah. I have been enjoying the Michael's store collection of the Lemax Spookytown items, and Walgreens now has their Halloween items displayed. I understand that Big Lots! has their's in, and Wal-Mart and Target will soon follow suit. The hint of fall, and the Halloween season are in the air!

I am pursuing my love for this season in new ways this year by putting together my most ambitious home haunt display. In addition, I will be working as an actor with my son at the Nightmare on 13th haunted house in Salt Lake City. There are some 1,300 haunted houses nationwide, not counting the 300 theme parks that also include haunt aspects, making this a large and growing industry. Nightmare on 13th is considered one of the top one percent of American's haunted houses based upon the professionalism of the haunt, and the number of people that visit each season.

Click on the Youtube video above to see their 2008 television ad. If you're in the Utah area I hope to scare you soon at the Nightmare on 13th.

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  • Marc Lougee says:

    If you can beat the ad for creep-de-li-icious, I am so NOT heading in there- I just hate to keep changing my pants!

    have fun in the horror-house, and try not to freak out the folks too badly-sounds like a real hootenanny!
    Cheers, my friend-

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