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Readers may have noticed a few developments and changes in TheoFantastique over the last couple of weeks. First, I was humbled a while back when Steve Biodrowski of Cinefantastique Online asked me if he could link this blog to his publication. I was even more humbled when I was invited to contribute content to Cinefantastique’s website. Fans of the genres we discuss here will know that for many years Cinefantastique was one of the best magazines on the newsstand that combined the appreciation of fans with solid cinematic critique. A few weeks after this development I received an invitation from John Cozzoli of Zombos Closet of Horror to be part of LOTT-D, the League of Tana Tea Drinkers. As the mission statement describes in part:

“Our mission is to acknowledge, foster, and support thoughtful, articulate, and creative blogs built on an appreciation of the horror and sci-horror genre.”

The statement goes on to say:

“It’s time to honor exemplary horror blogs with our own special insignia: one that signifies the heights to which we aspire, and the code of excellence we follow to promote horror in all it’s wonderfully frightening forms, from classic to contemporary, from philosophical to schlockical.”

I am pleased to be part of this select group of bloggers, and you will find our logo and members listed in the links on the right hand column.

Finally, I’d like to extend a huge thanks to Steve Banes of The Horrors of It All blog for his work in designing the banner that is now featured across the top of my blog. It contributes a nice look and feel that visually communicates a big part of what this blog is all about.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the interest in TheoFantastique and I extend a thanks to my readers and colleagues.

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