Dying to Live: a novel of life among the undead

I recently returned from Cornerstone Festival and one of the seminar series that I enjoyed throug the Imaginarium venue was that presented by Kim Paffenroth on the zombie Films of George Romero. Kim is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Iona College in New York, and the author of Gospel of the Living Dead (Baylor University Press, 2006). I have written previously on this book and I would encourage those interested in religion and popular culture, particularly in the horror genre, to secure this book.

Kim graciously provided me with a copy of his fictional novel, Dying to Live: a novel of life among the undead (Permutated Press, 2006). As a general rule I don't read fiction. I don't have enough time, and with a huge reading list of non-fiction I satisfy my imagination through the consumption of fantasy, science fiction, and horror primarily through movies and television programs. But given the quality of Kim's work I made an exception and read his book on the way home from Cornerstone. It was a treat. I highly recommend Dying to Live. It is entertaining and down right scary, and it makes a great contribution to the growing zombie literature and the horror genre.

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