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Emory University, Zombies, and the Significance of Nihilistic Horror

On Halloween I had the opportunity to be a part of a panel on religion and zombies at Emory University's symposium on Zombies and Zombethics. This session was sold out, and filled with lots of interested listeners. My colleague and friend Scott Poole, author of Monsters in America, was one of my fellow panelists, and […]

Matt Cardin - "Gods and Monsters, Worms and Fire: A Horrific Reading of Isaiah"

Regular readers of TheoFantastique might recall my previous interview with my friend Matt Cardin of The Teeming Brain blog, and author of Divinations of the Deep (2002) and Dark Awakenings (2010). Matt and I follow similar pathways in our explorations of horror and religious studies, and in this interview Matt shares his thoughts on the […]

Matt Cardin: Spirituality in Romero's Living Dead Films

A while ago I first encountered Matt Cardin when he nominated this blog for an award between bloggers. Matt pursues his blogging at The Teeming Brain. In addition to being flattered, it was good to learn of someone else thinking through the issues related to the connection of horror and religion. Matt's biography on his […]

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