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Why Does the West Love Science Fiction?: Sci-Fi, Culture, and Disenchantment

Given the immense popularity and box office success of science fiction and fantasy films in the West it might be natural to assume that these genres are also very popular in non-Western cultures. But that is not the case. A recent essay by Christine Folch in The Atlantic titled "Why the West Loves Sci-Fi and […]

David Hartwell and the Wonder of Science Fiction

One of my readers posted a comment on a previous post of mine on Ray Bradbury which made me aware of the book Age of Wonders: Exploring the World of Science Fiction (Tor Books, 1996), by David Hartwell. I was able to pick up the 1984 version published by Walker and Company through Amazon (which […]

Wonder and the World of Pure Imagination

This commercial brings together several aspects of appeal that fit in perfectly with TheoFantastique. The overall theme is the idea of wonder, and that of a child, and this is expressed through the crayon drawings of children as various monsters, a robot, and a flying saucer weave their way through a city and adult life. […]

Horror and the Connection to Wonder

I came across a couple of items recently that encapsulate the feelings I have in my experiences with the fantastic. The first is a poster ad for The Mask-Fest 2010. It is featured with this post to the left where the reader will see a young boy putting on his Halloween costume. As he […]

Sci-Fi Boys, Wonder, and Imagination

Last night I had the privilege of watching a two-hour program on the Sci Fi Channel called Sci-Fi Boys. This program interviews a number of leading artists in the entertainment industry who have contributed to various horror, science fiction, and fantasy films and asks them to share the influences that helped shape their imagination and […]

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