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Forthcoming Interview with David Lee Fisher on "Nosferatu"

Have you heard about the forthcoming independent horror film Nosferatu that will star Doug Jones? TheoFantastique will be interviewing the director David Lee Fisher soon. Take a look at the trailer and consider getting involved in their Kickstarter campaign to finance this film.

Missing in the Mansion

TheoFantastique has been quiet for a while because I have been on vacation, enjoying a week with my wife at Disneyland in California. To get things going again, and in honor of one of my favorite rides at the park in the Haunted Mansion, I present this indie horror short Missing in the Mansion. This […]

Midnight Son: Indie Vampire Horror Film on DVD and Digital

A while back I came across an independent horror film, Midnight Son. I was intrigued by the different take on the vampire story, and that certain aspects of it reminded me of George Romero's "vampire" film Martin from the 1970s. Today I received an update from the makers of the film letting me know that […]

Aaaaah!! Indie Horror Hits Volume 2: Another Great Collection from Crypt Club Productions

I am a fan of good horror, and many times it is difficult to find. But when Hollywood productions fail we can often look to independent horror to satisfy. That is certainly the case with Aaaaah!! Indie Horror Hits Volume 2 produced by Crypt Club Productions Inc. Their website provides a synopsis for this collection: […]

Midnight Syndicate Films Releases THE DEAD MATTER

TheoFantastique is a supporter of independent film, particularly in the form of indie horror. Midnight Syndicate Films makes its contribution to this art form with The Dead Matter. The press release for the film reports that post-production was completed at the end of April. "'I am absolutely thrilled with how the movie came out," says […]

AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits, Volume 1

I recently received a copy of the DVD AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits, Volume 1 from my friend Miguel Gallego of Crypt Club Productions, Inc. The DVD is promoted with the idea of "All killer - no filler," and it delivers through seven short films of independent horror, all festival award winners. A preview trailer for […]

"The problem with horror movies is...": Reflections on our cultural context

The League of Tana Tea Drinks (LOTT D) elite group of blogging horrorheads is putting together another unity blog, and one of the topics for discussion involved an invitation to complete the following sentence: "The problem with today's horror movies is..." Contributors were given the opportunity to finish this sentence in keeping with its negative connotation, or take another […]

Random Creatureface and Indie Horror Films

Independent horror films, indeed, independent filmmaking in general, is an area of ongoing interest for me. In my explorations of this art form, Mike Nelson of Random Creatureface, an indie horror filmmaker, discussed his work with me recently. TheoFantastique: Mike, thanks again for stopping by to talk about your work. I like to begin on […]

Interview: Miguel Gallego and AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits

Within the last couple of months I have been pleased to begin a relationship with Miguel Gallego who is the creative force behind AAAAA!! Indie Horror Hits as well as The Crypt Club. As I reviewed Miguel's websites and read a few interviews with him on the Internet I noted our overlapping areas of interest […]

Jed Rowen: Indie Horror Actor

My good friend Marc Lougee, the creative filmmaker behind The Pit and the Pendulum, recently attended a horror convention to promote his film and he returned with a new group of contacts that he introduced me to so that their work might be shared in the blogosphere. With this post we meet Jed Rowen, a […]

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