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Elysium: Social Commentary and the Interpretive Factor in the System Reboot

This was the opening weekend for the science fiction film Elysium. It took the number one spot at the box office, bringing in $30 million. Since it was first announced, it has been a much-anticipated vehicle for director Neill Blomkamp, who has a successful track record in his previous genre venture District 9 as an […]

DISTRICT 9 Draws Nigerian Protest

In a previous post I provided some interaction with another commentator on the sci fi film District 9. Viewers and reviewers alike have noted its strong social commentary and critique of Aparthied, an irony in that the film has now become the object of international controversy for allegedly promoting national stereotypes. Various news outlets are reporting that […]

DISTRICT 9: Responses to Film Review

In connection with the long weekend I was finally able to see District 9, and with this post I'll pass along some of my thoughts in relation to the film in light of a review by John T. Stanhope at Cinefantastique Online. First, some of my initial thoughts. I have heard nothing but positive things […]

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