New Trailers Worth Seeing: Dead Island and Midnight Son

I recently came across two trailers worth taking a look at. The first is for the new video game Dead Island, the latest in zombie survival horror. The trailer is as haunting as it is artistic due to the graphic imagery of a zombie attack in slow motion, but also in the creative way in which it is depicted in reverse, and with relaxing and moving music. The game is produced by Technland and will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows.

The second trailer is for a new independent horror film titled Midnight Son. According to the press release:

Midnight Son is a dark, character-driven drama that plays on horror themes in an understated, subtle way. The story centers on Jacob, a young man grappling with a dramatic physical transformation. No matter how much he eats, he suffers from malnutrition. To his disgust, he finds the blood in his steak packaging more satisfying than the steak itself. Something is changing inside him. When romance sparks with a young woman named Mary, he wrestles with the monster he's becoming while desperately trying to keep his new craving a secret.

Midnight Son will make it's World Premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, California on March 4 at 9:30 pm. Writer/Director Scott Leberecht, Producer Matt Compton, and several cast members will be in attendance, and will participate in a Q&A after the screening. The film will have two additional screenings at Cinequest: March 6 at 6:45 pm and March 11 at 12:30 pm. It will also screen at the Omaha Film Festival on March 5 at 8:30 pm.

The trailer reminds me a lot of George Romero's great "vampire" film, Martin. For further information on Midnight Son see the official website at

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