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SURROGATES Again: Wealth and Play, Crime and War

I recognize that with this post this brings the total to three that interact with the new film Surrogates, but given the wealth of material within it for cultural reflection I ask the reader's patience as I explore a few other facets. By way of background to the film, Surrogates presents a quasi-utopian world in […]

Cinefantastique Online - SURROGATES: Sci-Fi Thriller's Reflections on the Self and the Synthetic

My latest essay for Cinefantastique Online is now available, titled "SURROGATES: Sci-Fi Thriller's Reflections on the Self and the Synthetic." Here is an excerpt: Although SURROGATES will likely not set great box office records, in my view the film is a significant one. Many times I build up great expectations based upon film trailers and […]

Jennifer's Body vs. Buffy's Body

From time to time Religion Dispatches includes articles and commentary that dovetail with the interests and perspectives of TheoFantastique. This was the case recently with an article by W. Scott Poole titled "Jennifer's Body and Why I Like Buffy's Body Better." Poole situates Jennifer's Body within the context of previous horror films that have incorporated a "raft […]

DISTRICT 9 Draws Nigerian Protest

In a previous post I provided some interaction with another commentator on the sci fi film District 9. Viewers and reviewers alike have noted its strong social commentary and critique of Aparthied, an irony in that the film has now become the object of international controversy for allegedly promoting national stereotypes. Various news outlets are reporting that […]

Douglas Cowan Interview Part 2: Sci-Fi, Transcendence and "Sacred Space"

Following is the second installment of the interview with Douglas Cowan, sociologist of religion at Renison University College, who discusses science fiction and transcendence in connection with his book Sacred Space (Baylor University Press, forthcoming). (Photo to the left is by Chris Hughes and copyrighted by University of Waterloo, Graphics.) TheoFantastique: One of the areas of research I […]

Douglas Cowan Interview Part 1: Forthcoming Book "Sacred Space"

In the past Douglas Cowan, professor at Renison University College - University of Waterloo, has been a guest of TheoFantastique as he discussed his previous book Sacred Terror: Religion and Horror on the Silver Screen (Baylor University Press, 2008). Now he returns to discuss his forthcoming book Sacred Space on science fiction and transcendence, also […]

Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association's Call for Contributions

The Popular Culture and American Culture Association's discussion lists recently included two items relevant to the focus of TheoFantastique and its readers. The items are calls for papers. “Love and Sex in the Films and Graphic Novels of Alan Moore” 2010 Film & History Conference: Representations of Love in Film and Television November 11-14, 2010 […]

DISTRICT 9: Responses to Film Review

In connection with the long weekend I was finally able to see District 9, and with this post I'll pass along some of my thoughts in relation to the film in light of a review by John T. Stanhope at Cinefantastique Online. First, some of my initial thoughts. I have heard nothing but positive things […]

Bryan Stone: Changing Religious Imagery in Horror

As regular readers of TheoFantastique are aware, some of the facets of the fantastic genres discussed on this site are religion and spirituality. A while back I came across an article by Bryan Stone of the Boston University School of Theology that touched on this topic titled "The Sanctification of Fear: Images of the Religious in […]

PET SEMATARY: "Resurrection" Gone Wrong and Parental Loss

One of the programs I watch every time it's replayed is Bravo's "The 100 Scariest Movie Moments" (2004). Although I certainly find my areas of disagreement in the program's selection of moments (for example, Jaws listed as number 1, the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz being included, and inclusion of the psychedelic boat scene […]

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