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CFP - Larger Than Life: Superheroes at the Box Office

CALL FOR PAPERS Larger Than Life: Superheroes at the Box Office An area of multiple panels for the 2013 Film & History Conference on Making Movie$: The Figure of Money On and Off the Screen November 20-24, 2013 Madison Concourse Hotel (Madison, WI) DEADLINE for abstracts: July 1, 2013 AREA: “Larger Than Life: Superheroes […]

Christopher Knowles: Gods and Geeks in American Pop Culture

Patheos is a website that presents information on a variety of religious traditions. Over the course of the summer months the site has been looking at what the future holds for these religions, and in a recent focus on Paganism an essay was included that dovetails with the focus of TheoFantastique. Christopher Knowles wrote a […]

B. J. Oropeza: Comics, Archetypes, and Superheroes

In my recent readings in religion and popular culture I checked the endnote references for an article and noted the name of B. J. Oropeza. This was somewhat surprising in that I was familiar with his work in the areas of theology and apologetics, but was unfamiliar (and pleasantly surprised) with his interests and work […]

Comic Books, Theology and Religion

I have been interested in comic books for quite a while. I still remember walking home from grammar school and stopping by the local market to read through the latest issue of MAD magazine, and to see if the new issues of my favorite comics had hit the stand yet. My brother is a comic […]

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