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Monster Theory and the Hebrew Bible

Terry Wright of the Sacred Writings blog made me aware of a new essay applying monster theory to biblical studies. The title and abstract are reproduced below. Text and Terror: Monster Theory and the Hebrew Bible Brandon R. Grafius Currents in Biblical Research Volume 6, Issue 1 (2017) Abstract While biblical scholars have long been […]

Titles of Interest - Monsters in the Classroom: Essays on Teaching What Scares Us

Monsters in the Classroom: Essays on Teaching What Scares Us Edited by Adam Golub and Heather Richardson Hayton Foreword by W. Scott Poole; Afterword by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen McFarland, 2017 About the Book Exploring the pedagogical power of the monstrous, this collection of new essays describes innovative teaching strategies that use our cultural fascination with […]

Titles of Interest: Strangers, Gods and Monsters

Strangers, Gods and Monsters: Interpreting Otherness Richard Kearney Routledge, 2002 Strangers, Gods and Monsters is a fascinating look at how human identity is shaped by three powerful but enigmatic forces. Often overlooked in accounts of how we think about ourselves and others, Richard Kearney skillfully shows, with the help of vivid examples and illustrations, how […]

Titles of Interest - At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture

The fine blog, Sects and Violence in the Ancient World, had an interesting post on a volume worthy of inclusion in the Titles of Interest recommendations. It's subject matter and approach are particularly relevant to our times. At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture Edward Ingebretsen University of Chicago Press, 2003 […]

Creature Designers: The Frankenstein Complex

A new documentary on practical effects is coming. It's called Creature Designers: The Frankenstein Complex. See the trailer above. Beyond the general subject matter that connects to my passions, for me, the initial quotes were priceless in connecting to the broader themes of this blog. Guillermo del Toro says, "“I think we need monsters to […]

Brown University Graduate Student Conference on the Monstrous and the Religious Imagination

Brown University is presenting an upcoming conference titled “Beasts Monsters, and the Fantastic in the Religious Imagination.” The schedule from the website: Friday, February 28, 2014 Keynote Address 6:30-7:30pm  Dinner Reception 7:30pm  Saturday, March 1, 2014 Breakfast 8am-9am I. Morning Session: Doing Things with Demons 9am-10:45am  "When a Bad Being Does Good Things: The Demon […]

Brown University Conference: Beasts, Monsters, and the Fantastic in the Religious Imagination

My friend, colleague, and co-editor with J. Ryan Parker of Joss Whedon and Religion (McFarland, 2013), made me aware of this call for papers for an intriguing conference at Brown University. It is titled "Beasts Monsters, and the Fantastic in the Religious Imagination." From the website: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference Hosted by the Department […]

John Edgar Browning: Speaking of Monsters

It was with great excitement that I heard about the book Speaking of Monsters: A Teratological Anthology (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), edited by John Edgar Browning. This volume provides an in-depth scholarly exploration of a number of facets of teratology, the study of monsters. It took us a while to finish this interview, but Browning made […]

Todd Browning's Bagel Heads

Last night I caught a program produced by National Geographic, an episode in their series Taboo. This particular program looked at various aspects of body modification. One expression comes in the form of a new fad introduced in Japan, the "Bagel Head." In this procedure individuals have saline injected into their foreheads until swelling develops, […]

Stephen T. Asma - On Monsters: An Unnatural History of Our Worst Fears

Quite some time ago I promoted a forthcoming interview with Stephen Asma regarding his book On Monsters: An Unnatural History of Our Worst Fears (Oxford University Press, 2009). As I worked my way through my growing collection of books for research, review, and interviews, On Monsters finally crawled to the top, and I am pleased […]

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