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Interview with Scott Poole on "In the Mountains of Madness"

W. Scott Poole is a professor at the College of Charleston with a research interest in American pop and folk culture. He has written a number of books that combine his interests in American history with horror, including Vampira: Dark Goddess of Horror, Monsters in America: Our Historical Obsession with the Hideous and Haunting, and […]

Call for Papers - The Age of Lovecraft: Cosmic Horror, Posthumanism, and Popular Culture

Call for Proposals: The Age of Lovecraft: Cosmic Horror, Posthumanism, and Popular Culture Editors: Carl Sederholm ( and Jeffrey Weinstock ( 250 word proposals are sought for chapter contributions to an edited scholarly collection on H. P. Lovecraft and his place in 21st century literature, film, media, and popular culture. This collection will consider the […]

The Cabin in the Woods: Appreciation of the Monstrous and the Mythos of the Old Ones

Joss Whedon's latest film, The Cabin in the Woods, has been out in theaters long enough now for a significant amount of reviews and commentary to be published on it. With few exceptions, the reviews have been positive, if not glowing. In this post I will supplement some of the commentary previously offered, and present […]

TheoFantastique Podcast: Erik Davis on Modern Esoterica in Popular Culture

TheoFantastique Podcast 2.3 is available, an interview with Erik Davis, author of Nomad Codes: Adventures in Modern Esoterica (YETI/Verse Chorus Press, 2010). Davis defines "modern esoterica" in his preface as "a no-man's land located somewhere between anthropology and mystical pulp, between the zendo and the metal club, between cultural criticism and extraordinary experience, whether psychedelic, […]

Donald Tyson: The Dream World of H. P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft is one of the most influential writers on contemporary horror. As such, he has been the focus of a number of biographies, including H. P. Lovecraft: A Life by S. T. Joshi (Necronomicon press, 1996), and the documentary Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown, directed by Frank Woodward. More recently, a new biography has […]

Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies: Lovecraft and Occultism

The latest issue of the online Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies is available, #9 (February 2011). One of the worthwhile essays includes a piece that considers the impact of one of the most significant horror writers on Western esotericism, in an article titled "The Influence of H.P. Lovecraft on Occultism," by K. R. […]

Matt Cardin - "Gods and Monsters, Worms and Fire: A Horrific Reading of Isaiah"

Regular readers of TheoFantastique might recall my previous interview with my friend Matt Cardin of The Teeming Brain blog, and author of Divinations of the Deep (2002) and Dark Awakenings (2010). Matt and I follow similar pathways in our explorations of horror and religious studies, and in this interview Matt shares his thoughts on the […]

Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown Documentary - Director Frank Woodward Interview

The special Halloween double issue of Rue Morgue magazine included a number of interesting features, as usual, but one which caught my eye was a description of a new documentary on titled Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown (Wyrdstuff Productions, 2008). This fim was directed and produced by Frank Woodward, and after getting in touch he […]

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