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Dr. Syn: Scarecrow of Romney Marsh items

Disney was a formative influence growing up, especially the dark aspects that would come out of his imagination at times. One item that I still appreciate was his film released on television in installments as Scarecrow of Romney Marsh in the U.S., but with a different title as a film in the UK. Above is […]

Forthcoming Documentary: "For the Love of Spock"

Creature Designers: The Frankenstein Complex

A new documentary on practical effects is coming. It's called Creature Designers: The Frankenstein Complex. See the trailer above. Beyond the general subject matter that connects to my passions, for me, the initial quotes were priceless in connecting to the broader themes of this blog. Guillermo del Toro says, "“I think we need monsters to […]

Verhoeven: Robocop's Theological Significance

The Real History of Science Fiction aired with its first installment last weekend on BBC America as it tackled the subject of robots. This series is narrated by Mark Gatiss who has done some great documentary work on horror featured here at TheoFantastique previously. It is difficult to tell from the series website whether Gatiss […]

The Real History of Science Fiction Airs April 19 on BBC America

This looks like a promising series airing on BBC America, The Real History of Science Fiction. The first episode airs April 19. The description from the website: OVERVIEW BBC AMERICA delves into the real history of science fiction with filmmakers, writers, actors and graphic artists looking back on their experiences and on how their obsession […]

Tal Zimerman talks about 'Why Horror?'

I recently learned about a documentary that is currently in production, "Why Horror?," that takes a point of view perspective through the life of Tal Zimerman, as probes the international and cultural phenomenon of horror deeply. Zimerman discusses the film below, and includes a way that you can get involved in completing this effort. TheoFantastique: […]

FANTASM: A Convention Documentary Promotional Poster

Previously I interviewed Kuchta on his forthcoming documentary, FANTASM, that looks at the fandom at horror conventions. They have now released a poster for the film, and this comes by way of the press release: Director Kyle Kuchta is excited to reveal the official theatrical poster for his forthcoming horror convention documentary, Fantasm. The film […]

Documentary: Horror Europa with Mark Gatiss

Previously Mark Gatiss produced the BBC documentary A History of Horror. More recently he expanded on an exploration of horror's historical expressions with Horror Europa: Actor and writer Mark Gatiss embarks on a chilling voyage through European horror cinema. From the silent nightmares of German Expressionism in the wake of World War I to lesbian […]

Fantasm: Kyle Kuchta Discusses Horror Fan Convention Documentary

Fantasm is a new documentary currently in production. It is directed by Kyle Kuchta, and it tells the story of horror conventions, and more specifically, the fans that attend them. Kuchta is originally from Niantic, CT, where he always had a love for the movies, primarily horror films. His grandparents would let him watch Universal […]

Zombie Documentary Airs on the Discovery Channel

Last night a new "documentary" aired on the Discovery channel titled Zombie Apocalypse. For several years now apocalyptic dread has been in the cultural air, and this week the Mayan calendar has been a major focus of this in 2012 that has included various television treatments, but zombie apocalyptic variants are not far behind. Recently […]

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