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Mythicworlds: Straddling the way between sci-fi conventions and transformational festivals?

I'm finishing the editing of a manuscript for McFarland that explores aspects of fantastic fan cultures in relation to the sacred. I am waiting for one more chapter to be submitted and then the manuscript goes off for peer review. In addition to editing and writing he Introduction I am contributing a chapter that contrasts […]

Adam Savage TED Talk: My Love Letter to Cosplay

Cosplay, Self-Objectification, and the Strange Case of Adrianne Curry

As a male I run the risk of being told I have no right to comment on an issue related to women and their experiences, but given some reflections over the last couple of days I'll take that risk in order to offer my thoughts and an observation. For some time now the geek community […]

Mormons and Fantastic Roleplaying

The last two days I have been attending Sunstone Symposium in Salt Lake City. Sunstone is an annual gathering of more progressive Mormons who explore various facets of what it means to be a Mormon wrestling seriously with troubling historical, doctrinal, and social issues. I often find the conference very interesting in my research in […]

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