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Dead Meat Walking: A Zombie Walk Documentary

After revising my essay on the Zombie Walk phenomenon and Zombie Jesus for the forthcoming volume The Undead and Theology, I discovered Dead Meat Walking: A Documentary on Zombie Walks, currently in production and scheduled for release in the Fall of 2012. The web page has little other than the video and the following description. […]

The Walking Dead Goes to Church: The Search for the Divine in "What Lies Ahead"

Last Sunday night AMC aired the premiere episode for season 2 of The Walking Dead. In the process the series set new records: The 90-minute episode drew 7.3 million total viewers, becoming the strongest telecast for any drama in basic cable history among two key demos. The zombie drama based on Robert Kirkman's long-running comics […]

Catholic Theologian Rejects “Zombie Jesus”

Today I came across an essay and interview that appeared last year in Religion Dispatches by Jason VonWachenfeldt that touched on a controversy between the Vatican and systematic theologian Roger Haight. I'm not sure of the present state of the controversy, if there is one, but a year ago the Vatican had concerns about some […]

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