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Roddenberry and Dick: Competing visions and our future

In a recent film review of the new science fiction film Looper, James Pinkerton raised important questions related to science fiction and our utopian vision. In his essay "What 'Looper' tells us about the American vision," Pinkerton opens his piece with the following thought provoking paragraph: Which science-fiction scenario better describes the future: “Star Trek” […]

Avatar's Pandora Depresses Some Viewers: Utopia, Escape and the Realized Ideal

A recent article at CNN Entertainment presents some disturbing viewer reactions to James Cameron's Avatar. In a piece titled "Audiences experience 'Avatar' blues," Jo Piazza reports that some audience members have become seriously depressed and even suicidal after watching the film when contrasting the real-world situation of Earth with the beauty of the science fiction/fantasy […]

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