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Kevin Grevioux on Blacks in Science Fiction and Biblical Influences on 'I, Frankenstein'

There is a very interesting piece at titled "'I, Frankenstein' writer discusses lack of black filmmakers in science fiction." This topic is worthy of discussion anytime, but most assuredly in October which is Afrofuturism month. The article shares the thoughts of genre writer and actor Kevin Grevioux, known previously for work on the Underworld […]

Titus Hjelm - From Demonic to Genetic: The Rise and Fall of Religion in Vampire Film

A few weeks ago I was thumbing through the program for the American Academy of Religion conference that will be meeting in November of this year. One of the areas of interest is religion and popular culture, and several presentation topics caught my eye. One was by Titus Hjelm of the University College, London. He will be […]

Werewolves Rising: Underworld Launches a New Wave of Lycans

My most recent article was recently posted at Cinefantastique Online. It looks briefly at the origins and developing mythology of the werewolf in horror cinema.  The article can be viewed here. Following is an excerpt: In terms of literary development, the werewolf appeared in three novels in the nineteenth century, with George W. M. Reynold’s […]

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