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Toy Hunter Back with Season 2

Jordan Hembrough, known as the Toy Hunter on Travel Channel's program of the same name, is back with the first episode of Season 2. It airs Wednesday night at 9:00/8:00 Central.

Hot Wheels Releasing Universal Horror Cars

I haven't owned a Hot Wheels car since I was a kid, let alone purchased one. But this will change later this year. Hot Wheels is releasing a special collection of special pop culture cars, including a set devoted to Universal Horror films. The picture included with this post is from the Creature from the […]

Trying My Hand at Toy Hunting

I've been collecting various action figures, Halloween decorations, and pieces of memorabilia related to science fiction, fantasy, and horror films for a number of years. But two television programs stirred an interest in doing some part-time toy hunting and selling. Last year's program Comic Book Men on AMC, and the new series Toy Hunter on […]

Freddy Krueger, Popular Culture, and Cute Monsters Once More

In a previous post I took part in a group effort from the League of Tana Tea Drinkers on the phenomenon of "cute" monsters in horror. In this series of posts the contributors tried to address why we take horrific items and produce less than frightening aspects of them for our enjoyment. I would like […]

LOTTD Reflections: Cute Monsters and Horror

Recently Curt Percell of the Groovy Age of Horror blog suggested to those of us in the League of Tana Tea Drinkers (LOTTD) that we tackle a question: "What Do Cute Versions of Monsters Tell Us About Horror?" It's an interesting question to explore, and some of my fellow LOTTD members and I will try […]

2011 Lemax Spooky Town Announced

Lemax has announced the 2011 Spooky Town collection. Highlighting the collection are 15 new houses and eight new animated items. From the Grinning Goblin Brewery to Horror High School to Spooky Town Gas 'n' Ghoul, there's a wide variety in the offerings this season. And it appears after reviewing the new line that it represents […]

Fantastic Toys and More

The recession hit a little close to home yesterday, so today, rather than working like I should I took a little rest and relaxation time and retreated into the realm of the fantastic. I did this by picking up a copy of Spectrum 16 which includes a treasure trove of great fantastic art, and the […]

Monster Kid Nostalgia: Vincent Price and Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture

TheoFantastique is usually the place for in-depth exploration of issues related to the fantastic. But the flips side involves a fan's enjoyment as well. With this post I take a stroll down memory lane to fondly remember a toy that this monster kid had growing up in the 1970s. Those fascinated by the fantastic don't […]

Interview with Joe Davis on Lemax Spooky Town

Last week I mentioned the 2009 line of products for the Lemax Spooky Town collection. With this post Joe Davis, a distributor for Lemax, tells us a little more about these interesting collectors items. TheoFantastique: Joe, thanks for making some time to talk about the Spooky Town collection. I am a huge fan and can't […]

Lemax Announces Spooky Town 2009 Product Line

For a few years now I have been an avid fan and collector of the Lemax Spooky Town Collection. In case you haven't heard of them or seen them, they come out in August each year in Michael's stores and usually occupy an entire aisle of the seasonal items. There you will find a number […]

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