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Lucille Ignites a Firestorm of Controversy and Debate

The season 7 premiere episode of The Walking Dead last week which saw the deaths of two main characters by bludgeoning with a baseball bat named Lucille at the hands of Negan has created a firestorm of controversy and discussion among fans and in other pop culture circles. With this post I'll summarize and respond […]

Call for Papers: Characters of 'The Walking Dead'

In 2014 the Characters of The Walking Dead book project began. The co-editors received several submissions, but the project encountered difficulties. A new co-editor has joined the project, and we are now issuing a new call for papers in the hopes of receiving additional submissions to fill in the blanks in character treatment. Of particular […]

'The Walking Dead' and the haunted world

In this writer's estimation the second half of Season 4 of The Walking Dead television series has been rather slow. This is, of course, deliberate as the destruction of the prison and the fragmentation of the group allows for the development of back stories and an exploration of how the characters respond to their new […]

Call for Papers: Additional chapters needed for "Characters of 'The Walking Dead'"

CALL FOR PAPERS ON "CHARACTERS OF THE WALKING DEAD" This volume is currently under contract with McFarland & Company Inc. Publishers and is co-edited by Kim Paffenroth and John Morehead. As the title indicates, we are seeking chapter submissions that focus on the characters of The Walking Dead television series and uses the characters as […]

The Walking Dead: "Internment" episode looks again at Hershel's faith

My chapter in the forthcoming volume Characters of The Walking Dead that I am co-editing with Kim Paffenroth under contract with McFarland, focuses on Hershel Greene. I look at his crisis of faith that arises in season 2 and his eventual recovery of hope. In tonight's episode of The Walking Dead we saw the first […]

The Walking Dead and Nazi Ethics

Last night's episode of The Walking Dead titled "I Ain't a Judas," continued its incorporation of ethical themes for those interested in finding them and exploring their meanings. It surfaced in two ways in this episode, and both with reference to ethical considerations surrounding (believe it or not) Nazi Germany. In the first instance we […]

The Walking Dead Season 3: Social and Cultural Reflections

Last night AMC aired the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead until the series resumes in February of 2013. In light of the break I thought I'd share some reflections that came to mind as a result of the last few episodes. One of the interesting plot elements that connect The Walking Dead to previous […]

Emory University Conference on Neuroscience, Zombies, and 'Zombethics'

I am amazed at the opportunities and invitations that have come my way since I extended my academic work into the area of religion and popular culture. This has included writing for publications like Religion Dispatches, where among other things I have written on the intersection between zombies in popular culture and theology. In that […]

Call for Papers: The Walking Dead and the Problem of Meaning in the New Millennium of the Dead

Dawn Keetley of Lehigh University has issued a call for papers through Popular Culture and American Culture Associations. It is for an anthology volume titled "Dead Inside: The Walking Dead and the Problem of Meaning in the New Millennium of the Dead." Keetley is seeking essays for a scholarly collection that will explore the complexities […]

April Launch of "AMC The Walking Dead Social Game"

I will be a periodic contributor to a website aimed at fans of The Walking Dead called The Talking Walking Dead. My first post is a news item that discusses the forthcoming "AMC The Walking Dead Social Game" on Facebook. That news item can be found here.

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