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Weekend Nostalgia: The Day the Earth Stood Still and Forbidden Planet

Last weekend I took a stroll down memory lane courtesy of a couple of special edition DVDs from my local library. I picked up copies of The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Forbidden Planet, two films that are presently in my library, but the two in my collection do not include the extra features […]

Interview with Scott Derrickson: The Day the Earth Stood Still

One of the classics of science fiction is The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951). In this film the alien Klaatu comes to earthwith the warning that humanity must decide to live in peace or face global annihilation brought about through a race of robots such as Gort, Klaatu’s intergalactic traveling companion. This classic has been […]

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008): Potential and Peril

I was a young child when I first discovered the fantastic through television broadcasts of science fiction films. These became sources that fueled my fears and fed my imagination. My fears took shape through films like Invaders From Mars (1953) with the images of aliens burrowing underground and mind control devices drilled into the base of human […]

Cautious Consideration of Christ-Figures

In a previous post I discussed the notion of alien Messiah or Christ figures that scholars and other commentators have seen in science fiction films. Of course, they have been seen in other genres as well, but my interest for the purposes of this blog is in relation to science fiction and related genres. I […]

Science Fiction and Alien Messiahs

One of the areas that has fascinated me in the study of the intersection between religion and science fiction is the impact of the Christian story upon the genre, particular the archetype of the alien Messiah. In our portrayal of extraterrestrials we tend to oscillate between two extremes, that of the evil alien intent on […]

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