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Reflections on the BBC’s “In the Flesh”

Somehow in my Internet surfing a couple of months ago I stumbled across the website for BBC America and their description of the miniseries In the Flesh. This fresh take on zombie mythology fascinated me, but I was saddened that I wouldn’t be able to do anything other than watch sample clips and background information […]

Titles of Interest: Reading Mystery Science Theater 3000

Reading Mystery Science Theater 3000: Critical Approaches (Scarecrow Press, 2013), Shelley S. Rees, editor. First broadcast in the not too distant past on a television station in Minnesota, Mystery Science Theater 3000 soon grew out of its humble beginnings and found a new home on cable television. This simple show about a man and two […]

‘In the Flesh:’ Social Rehabiliation after “Partially Deceased Syndrome”

I recently became aware of a television three-part series on the BBC that presents a fascinating twist on zombies, called In the Flesh. The program’s website provides a summary of the plotline: In The Flesh is an exciting new three-part drama for BBC Three that tells the story of zombie teenager Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry) and […]

Lorna Jowett and Stacey Abbott on ‘TV Horror: Investigating the Dark Side of the Small Screen’

I have had a long-time interest in horror on television, and have discussed specific aspects of it previously on this blog. With this post we take up the topic again, through an interview with Lorna Jowett and Stacy Abbott, authors of the wonderful volume TV Horror: Investigating the Dark Side of the Small Screen (I.B. […]

Monstrous Commercials

TV Horror: Investigating the Dark Side of the Small Screen

I have just become aware of an interesting looking book by Lorna Jowett and Stacey Abbott titled TV Horror: Investigating the Dark Side of the Small Screen (I.B. Tauris, 2013). From the description at Horror is a universally popular, pervasive TV genre, with shows like True Blood, Being Human, The Walking Dead and American […]

Tony Mills on “Buffyverse Fandom as Religion”

From time to time TheoFantastique explores aspects of fan cultures, and with this interview we talk to Tony Mills who discusses his contribution on the “Buffyverse Fandom as Religion” in Fan Phenomena: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, edited by Jennifer K. Stuller (University of Chicago Press, 2013). Tony Mills received a PhD in theology and culture […]

The Following may struggle to find one

Last week FOX premiered the latest addition to its lineup of thriller or horror programming with The Following. This series brings Kevin Bacon to the small screen in a combination of serial killer tracking, Gothic horror invoking Edgar Allan Poe, and stereotypical cult followings. The FOX website describes the series: THE FBI estimates there are […]

New Television Programs Draw Upon Prior Genre as Inspiration: Do No Harm and Bates Motel

Two new genre television series begin this year that draw upon older material for inspiration. One is Do No Harm, an NBC program that demonstrates our ongoing fascination with Robert Louis Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde story. The Facebook page for the program provides this description: Dr. Jason Cole is a highly respected neurosurgeon who has […]

Super Bowl XLVI Commercials of the Fantastic

The intersection of the fantastic and popular culture was evident at the Super Bowl with the following commercials:

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