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SURROGATES Again: Wealth and Play, Crime and War

I recognize that with this post this brings the total to three that interact with the new film Surrogates, but given the wealth of material within it for cultural reflection I ask the reader's patience as I explore a few other facets. By way of background to the film, Surrogates presents a quasi-utopian world in […]

Cinefantastique Online - SURROGATES: Sci-Fi Thriller's Reflections on the Self and the Synthetic

My latest essay for Cinefantastique Online is now available, titled "SURROGATES: Sci-Fi Thriller's Reflections on the Self and the Synthetic." Here is an excerpt: Although SURROGATES will likely not set great box office records, in my view the film is a significant one. Many times I build up great expectations based upon film trailers and […]

SURROGATES: Sci-Fi Thriller on Robotics and Digital Technologies

One of the more interesting research and writing projects I worked on earlier this year was a chapter for a forthcoming book through Westminster John Knox PressĀ on videogames and digital cultures where I presented some thoughts on a techno theology of cybersociality, the interactions between human beings over the Internet and through other digital technologies […]

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