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H. R. Giger as Digital Magician of Dark Archetypes

You never know where the fantastic in pop culture will surface, and where religion and the fantastic will intersect. I have been doing some research lately for a couple of essays on Neopaganism I need to write for a book on world religions. Today I looked at Magic and Witchcraft by Nevil Drury (Thomas & […]

Graeme Harper on Surrealism in Suspense and Horror Films

Professor Graeme Harper is Director of the National Institute for Excellence in the Creative Industries at University of Wales, Bangor. He is author of Swallowing Film (2000), and Comedy, Fantasy and Colonialism (2001), and the co-editor of Signs of Life: Medicine and Cinema (2005). He is also the co-editor of the journal Studies in European […]

Van Norris: Surrealism in American Animation

  A number of research sources have provided a variety of things to think about in my exploration of deeper levels to the fantastic. One thought provoking source was David Skal’s book The Monster Show: A Cultural History of Horror (Faber & Faber, 2001) where, among other things, he argued for a connection between horror […]

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