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PET SEMATARY: "Resurrection" Gone Wrong and Parental Loss

One of the programs I watch every time it's replayed is Bravo's "The 100 Scariest Movie Moments" (2004). Although I certainly find my areas of disagreement in the program's selection of moments¬†(for example, Jaws listed as number 1, the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz being included, and inclusion of the psychedelic boat scene […]

Stephen King: Horror, Politics, Theology and Other Social Commentary

It is amazing to me how serious social commentary¬†surfaces in films that are often dismissed as mere entertainment. A recent post from the message board for the Popular Culture Association that touched on research resources supporting the idea that popular cultural texts, such as Stephen King's horror writings, now have become sources for articulating theological […]

Despite a Distinguished Pedigree and Helpful Function, Monsters Receive Little Respect

You might recall comedian Rodney Dangerfield's old schtick about getting no respect. Our monstrous literary and cinematic creations might sympathize, as well as those who find them of interest beyond escapist pop culture entertainment. Last week I was looking at the intriguing academic research and writing of Michael Collings of Pepperdine University who has written […]

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