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Emily McAvan and The Postmodern Sacred

This is a volume I've been looking forward to. I enjoyed Emily McAvan's thesis, summarized in an issue of the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, and have referenced it in this blog's About TheoFantastique page. MacAvan is one of a number of exciting women scholars working in religion and pop culture, such as Danielle […]

Podcast Interview at

I am the guest in a podcast interview with Jeff Jackson of in his column "Comics Are My Religion." In the podcast Jeff and I discuss my background and approach to the fantastic, the spiritual significance of science fiction and its fandom, and new books worth picking up that probe the fantastic more deeply. […]

Ridley Scott on Gods and Aliens

Ridley Scott's latest film, Prometheus, will be released in U.S. theaters this weekend. It has received mixed reviews, but for this writer one of the more fascinating aspects of the film is not whether it is a prequel for Alien, but rather its incorporation of grand mythological ideas. These include questions on origins, as well […]

Can Zombies Be Spiritual?

Today I ran across a book at Barnes & Noble that caused me to connect a few dots and pose a question to myself which I'd like to share with my readers. Please follow along as I draw the dots and put them together. As I looked at the various tables of books in the […]

American Horror Film: James Kendrick and Spiritual Horror Films

As previously noted here in a discussion based upon an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, there is a growing body of academic books exploring horror films. One of those books is American Horror Film: The Genre at the Turn of the Millennium, edited by Steffen Hantke (University Press of Mississippi, 2010). While many […]

TheoFantastique Interviewed at Fangoria's "Beyond the Pale" Blog

My friend Dave Canfield is a fellow fan of horror and all things fantastic. He explores our common passion in a variety of forums, including as a Chicago film critic writing for Twitch, and as a writer for Fangoria online. His blog at Fangoria, Beyond the Pale, recently featured my thoughts on horror and spirituality […]

Spirituality, Pop Culture, and Anime

Philip Johnson recently made a post on "Spirituality Aspects of Anime," based upon an article in the journal Culture and Religion. The article that Philip is interacting with was written by Jin Kyu Park and Philip's post echos one I made on this blog previously in commenting on Park's work. The interface between popular culture […]

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