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Who Are the Next Titans of the Imagination?

Earlier this week Ray Harryhausen passed away. There was a wealth of coverage all over the media, and as expected, the fan community expressed a lot of appreciation and a sense of loss with his passing. But this has got me wondering. In the past I interviewed Paul Davids who produced the documentary The Sci-Fi […]

In Memory of Ray Bradbury

In memory of the passing of Ray Bradbury, a short film for the National Endowment for the arts feature Ray Bradbury as he discusses his life, literary loves and Fahrenheit 451. Related post: "Ray Bradbury: God, Monsters, and Angels"

Ray Bradbury: God, Monsters and Angels

CNN Living included a feature on legendary science fiction writer Ray Bradbury which revealed a surprising aspect of the author's life and writing inspiration. The title of the article is "Sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury on God, 'monsters and angels'". In the piece Bradbury describes himself as a man of religious faith, although not one to […]

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