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Kahless and The Postmodern Faith of Star Trek: The Next Generation

BBC America has become one of my favorite channels since it features heavy does of science fiction programming. On Saturday afternoons it has given me an opportunity to watch episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and to look at them more closely than I have in the past. Recently I watched the episode "Rightful […]

Interview with Emily McAvan on The Postmodern Sacred

Emily McAvan has been on my radar since I first encountered her research in the sacred aspects of science fiction and fantasy. She teaches cultural, media and gender studies at Murdoch University and Curtin University, both in Perth, Australia. In the interview that follows we discuss aspects of her fine book The Postmodern Sacred: Popular […]

Emily McAvan and The Postmodern Sacred

This is a volume I've been looking forward to. I enjoyed Emily McAvan's thesis, summarized in an issue of the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, and have referenced it in this blog's About TheoFantastique page. MacAvan is one of a number of exciting women scholars working in religion and pop culture, such as Danielle […]

Article at Cinefantastique: "The Changing Face of Biblical Horror and Fantasy Films"

My latest contribution to Cinefantastique Online was recently posted. Below is an excerpt: In the post-Christendom context, this situation changes dramatically. I was reminded of this recently while watching 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. As the race of vampires continues its onslaught on the Alaskan town, they use an injured woman as bait to lure any humans […]

"The problem with horror movies is...": Reflections on our cultural context

The League of Tana Tea Drinks (LOTT D) elite group of blogging horrorheads is putting together another unity blog, and one of the topics for discussion involved an invitation to complete the following sentence: "The problem with today's horror movies is..." Contributors were given the opportunity to finish this sentence in keeping with its negative connotation, or take another […]

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence - Box Office Disappointment But Philosophical Treat

Like many people, I am a fan of the work of director Steven Spielberg. Whenever I get the chance I enjoy watching his films, and catching various "behind the scenes" programs and interviews where this talented director speaks about his craft. There are a few of his films that I have never seen, but have […]

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