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DON'T BREATHE, God, and Morality

I was finally able to watch Don't Breathe and it's a good horror or suspense film. I was surprised to find a line touching on religion in it: "There is nothing a man cannot do once he accepts the fact that there is no god." Whether God is needed as a transcendent ground for morality […]

'The Walking Dead' and the haunted world

In this writer's estimation the second half of Season 4 of The Walking Dead television series has been rather slow. This is, of course, deliberate as the destruction of the prison and the fragmentation of the group allows for the development of back stories and an exploration of how the characters respond to their new […]

The Teeming Brain Podcast #1: “Cosmic Horror vs. Sacred Terror”

I was privileged to be a part of a good group in a podcast discussion at The Teeming Brain through an invitation from my good friend and colleague Matt Cardin that addressed "Cosmic Horror vs. Sacred Terror." Following is their description of the subject matter: Do nihilism and cosmic meaningfulness stand in fundamental tension with […]

Emory University, Zombies, and the Significance of Nihilistic Horror

On Halloween I had the opportunity to be a part of a panel on religion and zombies at Emory University's symposium on Zombies and Zombethics. This session was sold out, and filled with lots of interested listeners. My colleague and friend Scott Poole, author of Monsters in America, was one of my fellow panelists, and […]

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