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Midnight Syndicate releases new album "Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering"

I am pleased to announce the release of a new album by Midnight Syndicate. It is titled "Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering." From their press release: "The new album features the band's unique twist on classic holiday carols blended with new and original material. 'Our goal was to treat each song in a way that would […]

Midnight Syndicate's Latest Album Available - "MONSTERS OF LEGEND"

I just received the latest CD from Midnight Syndicate and it's great. The title is Monsters of Legend, and it represents something of a homage to the classic Universal Studios and Hammer Films monsters from the past. One of the tracks, "It Lives!," can be previewed from their YouTube page. This album will have great […]

Let's Get the Party Started: Carnival Arcane and Dreadful Hallowgreen Special

As of the writing of this post there are only 25 days until Halloween. For many of us the party has already started as decorations are already up, horror movie viewing has begun, and we eagerly await horror television as well. With this in mind TheoFantastique begins its own Halloween celebration with the enthusiastic mention […]

Midnight Syndicate New Release: The Dead Mattter - 3 Disc Set

In my view Midnight Syndicate is one of the leaders, if not the leader in Halloween and horror music. They have proven so again with the release of their latest albums, and have raised the bar with the accompanying release of their first movie in a three-disc set as FearNet and Rue Morgue Radio recently […]

Midnight Syndicate Films Releases THE DEAD MATTER

TheoFantastique is a supporter of independent film, particularly in the form of indie horror. Midnight Syndicate Films makes its contribution to this art form with The Dead Matter. The press release for the film reports that post-production was completed at the end of April. "'I am absolutely thrilled with how the movie came out," says […]

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