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Mechademia: Anime, Manga and the Posthuman Future

Mechademia 3 Limits of the Human Frenchy Lunning, editor University of Minnesota Press | 288 pages | 61 b&w photos | 2008 ISBN 978-0-8166-5482-6 | paperback | $19.95 Mechademia Series, volume 3 Exploring the possibilities and perils of a posthuman future through visionary works of Japanese anime and manga Dramatic advances in genetics, cloning, robotics, […]

Antonia Levi: Anime, Manga, and Cultural Aspects of the Werewolf Tradition

Antonia Levi was one of the early pioneer scholars researching and writing on aspects of Japanese popular culture. She has lived in Japan, and is a fan as well as academic researcher on anime. She did graduate work at Tokyo University, holds a Ph.D. in Japanese history from Stanford, and has taught on Japanese history […]

Wired Magazine: Manga Conquers America

The current issue of Wired Magazine, issue 15:11, is no newsstands and in bookstores now. The cover features the title "Manga Conquers America," and it is worth the reader's time who is interested in manga, or Japanese comics, and its relationship to anime, or Japanese animation. The online edition includes several features and online extras. […]

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