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The Undead and Theology Now Available for Purchase

Theology and the Undead (Pickwick Publications) is now available for purchase in digital form for Kindle, MAC and PC through, and in print edition. See the publisher's website for more information. This is a unique volume that explores various facets of how monsters can provide for theological reflection. It makes the perfect Halloween pumpkin […]

Cover for The Undead and Theology

My co-editor, Kim Paffenroth and I have approved the cover art for The Undead and Theology through Wipf & Stock. We are finalizing the manuscript and will discuss marketing considerations soon. Release date information to come in the near future. Back cover blurbs: “Both theologians and fans should appreciate this collection that explores the spiritual […]

Valley of the Dead: Kim Paffenroth Book Combines Classic Literature and Zombie Apocalypse

My friend and fellow LOTTD member, Kim Paffenroth, is about to release his latest contribution to zombie apocalyptic literature in pop culture through the book, Valley of the Dead. The synopsis is as follows: "For seventeen years of his life, the whereabouts of the medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri is unknown to modern scholars. All we know […]

The Truth Is Out There: Inexpensive Book Copies for Sale

My friend Kim Paffenroth who writes on science fiction and horror, and whom I met this year at Cornerstone Festival when he spoke on his book on George Romero's zombie films, recently let me know that copies of his earlier book that he co-authored with Thomas Bertonneau, The Truth is Out There (Brazos Press, 2006), […]

Kim Paffenroth Interview: Zombies, Religion and Popular Culture

Kim Paffenroth is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Iona College, New York. He has written on the development of religious ideas in the major world religions, as well as on the Bible and theology, but another interest of his is of particular relevance to this blog, that is the intersection of religion and popular […]

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