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James Cameron Interview: Avatar Canon, Pandora Depression, and "Geek Cred"

There was an interview with James Cameron in August in Entertainment Weekly that just came to my attention. I found three items in the piece of interest. First, an interesting question is asked about what may be referred to as the "cinematic canon." The interviewer, Benjamin Svetkey, asked about the new version of Avatar with […]

Avatar, Hollywood, and Warring Worldviews

In my previous post I commented on Hollywood's lack of public recognition of the significance of films of the fantastic as demonstrated through the Academy Awards. Although three such genre films were nominated, including District Nine, Star Trek, and Avatar, predictably none of them won in major categories, and Avatar did not win Best Picture. […]

Themes of the Films of James Cameron: Call for Papers

The Popular Culture and American Culture Associations recently circulated a call for papers on the themes of the films of James Cameron: With Avatar Canadian-born filmmaker James Cameron now has the top two all-time money making films in history, yet little in the way of critical attention has been paid to his work. His movies […]

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