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Jumping Into the Haunt Industry: Nightmare on 13th Street

The Halloween season has already begun around the country, particularly in Utah. I have been enjoying the Michael's store collection of the Lemax Spookytown items, and Walgreens now has their Halloween items displayed. I understand that Big Lots! has their's in, and Wal-Mart and Target will soon follow suit. The hint of fall, and the […]

Denver Haunts: KathE Walker, the 13th Door, and More

The haunt industry is now in full swing as preparations are made for the 2008 Halloween season. One of the contacts I have been fortunate to make in the haunt industry is KathE Walker, who made time in her increasingly busy schedule in haunted houses and convention planning to discuss her work. TheoFantastique: KathE, thanks […]

HomeHauntNews: E-Zine for the Increasing Number of Home Haunters

The haunted attraction industry is growing with our culture's increasing interest in Halloween, a phenomenon noted in books like Jack Santino, ed., Halloween and Other Festivals of Death and Life (University of Tennessee Press, 1994), and Nicholas Rogers, Halloween: From Pagan Ritual to Party Night (Oxford University Press, 2002). The popularity of the holiday has […]

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