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Exploring the Gothic at The John Rylands Library

Darkness and Light reveals how Gothic architecture and anatomy inspired and influenced a literary genre, and how the lasting legacy of Gothic can be found in art, films and subculture today. From the fantastical to the macabre, this intriguing exhibition unearths Gothic treasures from the Library’s Special Collections to investigate subjects as varied as the […]

Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination exhibit

Open until Tuesday, 20 Jan 2015 Two hundred rare objects trace 250 years of the Gothic tradition, exploring our enduring fascination with the mysterious, the terrifying and the macabre From Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker to Stanley Kubrick and Alexander McQueen, via posters, books, films - and even a vampire-slaying kit - experience the dark […]

In Memory of Bela Lugosi

A nice looking colorized photo from Dracula, and a video tribute in memory of Bela Lugosi who passed away August 16, 1956.

Conference on 'Folk Horror' at Queen's University in Belfast

A Friend in the Furrows: Perspectives on 'Folk Horror' in Literature, Film and Music 19-21 September, 2014 Queen's University Belfast ‘A Fiend in the Furrows’ is a three-day conference in association with the School of English and the Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities at Queen’s University Belfast, exploring ‘folk horror’ in British and […]

Titles of Interest: British Gothic Cinema

British Gothic Cinema by Barry Forshaw (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013). Forshaw provides a definitive, wide-ranging study of the British horror film produced by the Hammer studios and their rivals from the 1940s and 1950s up to the 21st century and the new popularity of the genre. Beginning with a lively discussion of the great literary antecedents, […]

"Ultraviolet's" Vampires and the 'War on Terror'

The current edition of Gothic Studies is available, Volume 15, No. 1 (May 2013), published by Manchester University Press. It focuses on vampires and the undead in popular culture, and several essays caught my eye for download in PDF for later reading. I recently finished reading the first of them, and it is David McWilliam's […]

Peter Cushing Centennial Blogathon: Cushing's Van Helsing as Ultimate Monster Hunter from a Previous Age

I am privileged to be a part of the Peter Cushing Centennial Blogathon spearheaded by Pierre Fournier at his wonderful blog Frankensteinia. Be sure to visit the blog to see the other posts in this blogathon. Peter Cushing has been one of my favorite horror actors for many years, and out of the many iconic […]

Hot Wheels Releasing Universal Horror Cars

I haven't owned a Hot Wheels car since I was a kid, let alone purchased one. But this will change later this year. Hot Wheels is releasing a special collection of special pop culture cars, including a set devoted to Universal Horror films. The picture included with this post is from the Creature from the […]

Interview with Victoria Nelson on Gothicka: Vampire Heroes, Human Gods, and the New Supernatural

This is an exciting time for those interested in the intersection of religion, popular culture, and the fantastic genres. A number of scholars are producing fascinating works in this area, and one of those is Victoria Nelson. Victoria is an essayist and fiction writer who teaches in the Goddard College graduate program in creative writing. […]

Call for Papers: ‘Horror After Psychoanalysis’, A Special Issue of Horror Studies, edited by Dale Townshend

The following call for papers was originally posted at The University of Sterling's The Gothic Imagination website. Call for Papers: ‘Horror After Psychoanalysis’, A Special Issue of Horror Studies, edited by Dale Townshend. Psychoanalysis, be it in its orthodox Freudian forms or via the revisionist theories of Lacan, Kristeva and Žižek, has become a dominant […]

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