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Brown University Graduate Student Conference on the Monstrous and the Religious Imagination

Brown University is presenting an upcoming conference titled “Beasts Monsters, and the Fantastic in the Religious Imagination.” The schedule from the website: Friday, February 28, 2014 Keynote Address 6:30-7:30pm  Dinner Reception 7:30pm  Saturday, March 1, 2014 Breakfast 8am-9am I. Morning Session: Doing Things with Demons 9am-10:45am  “When a Bad Being Does Good Things: The Demon […]

Titles of Interest: The Works of Tim Burton

I will be writing a review of this volume for the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts. The Works of Time Burton: Margins to Mainstream, edited By Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013). Tim Burton has had a massive impact on twentieth and twenty-first century culture through his films, art, and writings. The contributors […]

Salt Lake Comic Con Expands to Include Second Event for 2014

I attended the 2013 Salt Lake Comic Con as a media representative, and was invited to their press conference today but was unable to attend. After the event they released the following press release. Salt Lake City will see not one, but two fan conventions in 2014! Salt Lake Comic Con Is Baaack! With Great […]

TheoFantastique Podcast 4.1 (2013): An Interview with Ytasha Womack on her book ‘Afrofuturism’

In a previous post I’ve drawn attention to October is Black Speculative Fiction Month, and Afrofutrism. Now I am pleased to present an interview with Ytasha L. Womack, author of Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Culture (Lawrence Hill Books, 2013). Womack defines Afrofutrism by citing Ingrid LaFleur “as a way of imagining […]

Brown University Conference: Beasts, Monsters, and the Fantastic in the Religious Imagination

My friend, colleague, and co-editor with J. Ryan Parker of Joss Whedon and Religion (McFarland, 2013), made me aware of this call for papers for an intriguing conference at Brown University. It is titled “Beasts Monsters, and the Fantastic in the Religious Imagination.” From the website: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference Hosted by the Department […]

Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Culture

In the past I have written on various aspects of African American work in genre, including African science fiction and horror. Not long ago I also posted a link on the TheoFantastique page to the discussion of why African Americans tend not to involve themselves in more mainstream aspects of genre that tends to see […]

JFA Needs Book Reviewers

If you enjoy the academic exploration of the fantastic and write on the topic, I would encourage you to subscribe to the mailing list for the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts. In addition to discussion threads among members, the group periodically sends an email with a list of titles needing review for the […]

Why Does the West Love Science Fiction?: Sci-Fi, Culture, and Disenchantment

Given the immense popularity and box office success of science fiction and fantasy films in the West it might be natural to assume that these genres are also very popular in non-Western cultures. But that is not the case. A recent essay by Christine Folch in The Atlantic titled “Why the West Loves Sci-Fi and […]

Ray Harryhausen Has Died: The Loss of a Fantasy Legend

For a few years now I have wondered when the day would come that I would have to write this piece. Sadly, today is that day. Various media outlets are reporting that Ray Harryhausen passed away Tuesday. Harryhausen was a huge influence on me as a child and teenager. When I first encountered his fantasy […]

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Interview with Emily McAvan on The Postmodern Sacred

Emily McAvan has been on my radar since I first encountered her research in the sacred aspects of science fiction and fantasy. She teaches cultural, media and gender studies at Murdoch University and Curtin University, both in Perth, Australia. In the interview that follows we discuss aspects of her fine book The Postmodern Sacred: Popular […]

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