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Halloween and Fantastic Art by Grayson Fogg at The Autumnlands

From time to time this blog has explored art related to genre and Halloween, and with this post I want to promote the work of an artist I just discovered. This piece is titled "Halloween Frolics," found at by Grayson Fogg of The Autumlands, a great piece for this holiday season. Here is the […]

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!

As a fan of fantastic art, and of the Spectrum fantastic art book which comes out each year, I am pleased to pass along the following announcement concerning the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! conference. Scheduled for May 18-20, 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri, our intent is to create a venue in which the artists take […]

Spectrum Interview: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

One of the ways in which I enjoy the fantastic in popular culture is through art. And there may be no greater collection of fantastic art than the annual volume of Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. I recently spoke with Arlo Burnett, the Administrator for Spectrum, who shared his thoughts on this inspiring […]

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