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DON'T BREATHE, God, and Morality

I was finally able to watch Don't Breathe and it's a good horror or suspense film. I was surprised to find a line touching on religion in it: "There is nothing a man cannot do once he accepts the fact that there is no god." Whether God is needed as a transcendent ground for morality […]

Ethics and Videogames in "Star Wars: The Old Republic"

Robert Geraci's work has been featured here previously (just one example here. He has a very interesting essay in Religion Dispatches titled "A STAR WARS VIDEOGAME INVITES PLAYERS TO THE DARK SIDE." The essay provides a scientific analysis of the ethical choices players make when involved in the Star Wars: The Old Republic videogame. Some […]

Emory University's Zombethics

2nd Symposium at Emory on Zombies and 'Zombethics'

I was privileged to be a part of the first Symposium by the Emory Center for Ethics on Zombies and 'Zombethics,' where I made a brief presentation via Skype as part of a panel.  I am pleased to see the second symposium for 2014.

As Good as Dead: Emory Magazine on 'Zombethics' Symposium

Last year on Halloween I was a part of a symposium at Emory University on zombies and "zombethics." I was a part of a panel discussion where I discussed zombie walks and Zombie Jesus and the implications of this for conceptions of body and mind. (Read a summary of my presentation.) You can read the […]

Emory University, Zombies, and the Significance of Nihilistic Horror

On Halloween I had the opportunity to be a part of a panel on religion and zombies at Emory University's symposium on Zombies and Zombethics. This session was sold out, and filled with lots of interested listeners. My colleague and friend Scott Poole, author of Monsters in America, was one of my fellow panelists, and […]

Emory Symposium on Zombies and 'Zombethics'

I will be sitting on a panel and contributing to the topic via religion and zombies. For further background see my previous post.

Emory University Conference on Neuroscience, Zombies, and 'Zombethics'

I am amazed at the opportunities and invitations that have come my way since I extended my academic work into the area of religion and popular culture. This has included writing for publications like Religion Dispatches, where among other things I have written on the intersection between zombies in popular culture and theology. In that […]

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