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New Television Programs Draw Upon Prior Genre as Inspiration: Do No Harm and Bates Motel

Two new genre television series begin this year that draw upon older material for inspiration. One is Do No Harm, an NBC program that demonstrates our ongoing fascination with Robert Louis Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde story. The Facebook page for the program provides this description: Dr. Jason Cole is a highly respected neurosurgeon who has […]

Steven Moffat's Jekyll: Cinefantastique Podcast Online

The Cinefantastique Podcast discussing the 2007 BBC production of Jekyll by Steven Moffat is now available. From CFQ's website: And the dream comes true for one young, idealistic podcast host. After months of campaigning, Dan finally gets a chance to bring Steven Moffat’s (DOCTOR WHO) BBC series, JEKYLL, to the table for an extended discussion. […]

Cinefantastique Podcast Discussion: BBC's "Jekyll"

I have been invited back as a guest for the Cinefantastique Podcast that will be recorded this Sunday and uploaded for listening at some point next week. The focus for our discussion is the interesting BBC television program Jekyll from 2007. As will inferred from the title of the program, it takes its inspiration from […]

Skillet: "Monster" as Rock 'n' Roll Jekyll and Hyde

The figure of the monster surfaces in many ways in popular culture to serve us for good or ill. At its worst it becomes a way of conceiving of the "other" which provides us with justification for their eradication. At its best it helps us to look inside ourselves to see that many times the […]

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