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Hi-Tech and Market Preferences: Mourning the Loss of Disney’s Hand-Drawn Animation

I grew up with Disney animation. It was an incredibly formative aspect of both my imaginative life as a youth, as well as an artistic one, and it continues to hold a special place in my mind and heart to the present day. Of course, the quality of 2D animation that came from Disney Studios […]

Missing in the Mansion

TheoFantastique has been quiet for a while because I have been on vacation, enjoying a week with my wife at Disneyland in California. To get things going again, and in honor of one of my favorite rides at the park in the Haunted Mansion, I present this indie horror short Missing in the Mansion. This […]

The Skeleton Dance T-Shirt

Already the hint of Autumn and Halloween are in the air, and with that comes the opportunity to enjoy the artistic and the macabre. A perfect way to do this comes in a new t-shirt line, the Disney Artist Collection, one of which features The Skeleton Dance animated short film from 1929. This was one […]

CFP – Animating History: “Disney Americans” and Other Myths

Animating History: “Disney Americans” and Other Myths Area of multiple panels for the Film & History Conference on “Film & Myth” September 26-30, 2012 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Deadline: June 1, 2012 We live in a world made of myths, legends, and histories that are communicated, and often, conflated, by our entertainment media. For many […]

Gargoyles: Disney Making Live-Action Film

I learned through a link to my blog from The Grimm Tea Party that Disney Studios has a live-action film on gargoyles in the works. A few websites are reporting on this, including The Hollywood Reporter, which states that The studio is in the process of hiring Zoe Green to develop a story revolving around […]

Disney’s The Princess and the Frog: Cartoon Fantasy and Social Reflection

I haven’t seen Walt Disney’s The Princess and the Frog movie yet, but living in a neighborhood with young families many of them have, and they seem to have enjoyed it. The television advertisements for the film make me a little wary since it is supposedly the best Disney cartoon since The Lion King. But […]

Celebrating Creativity: Ub Iwerks and the Hand Behind the Mouse

This blog is devoted not only to an analysis of various facets of the fantastic, the imagination, and creativity in popular culture, but also to the sheer enjoyment and celebration of these things. With this in mind I highly recommend a documentary that has aired a couple of times now on the Ovation channel titled […]

Magic and Fairytales: Reassessing the Hermeneutic

The other day I was waiting in line at the post office and was scanning the walls, bored enough to read the various posters. One of them promoted a new line of stamps that is available. As I looked at the familiar images I was reminded that for some time aspects of the entertainment industry […]

Disney’s Contributions to America’s Halloween Mythology

Last year I had an opportunity to do some research in preparation for a series of presentations at Cornerstone Festival in the Imaginarium venue looking at a historical and cross-cultural perspective on the development of Halloween. Some of the materials that I interacted with noted a variety of influences in current America’s celebration of this […]

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