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Inverse: Second Life and Second Childhood

Inverse features an interesting essay titled "The Unlikely Benefits of a Virtual Second Childhood." The subtitle reads "Want a do-over? You're not alone." As this indicates, many are using child avatars in the alternative digital universe of Second Life to play out their childhoods again. Some choose never to grow up. The article explores the […]

TheoFantastique quoted in academic volume

While doing some research online yesterday I discovered that TheoFantastique was quoted in an academic volume. The book is Religions of Modernity: Relocating the Sacred to the Self and the Digital (Brill, 2010), edited by Stef Aupers and Dick Houtman. This volume references TheoFantastique (read it at Google Books) and quotes from an interview with […]

AVATAR: Probing Beyond Visuals to Culture and Identity

My latest article for Cinefantastique Online is now available at this link, a review and commentary on AVATAR. Following is an excerpt: In regards to Na’vi religion, some commentators have referred to it as pantheism, but this is technically inaccurate. The Na’vi believe that Eywa, the divine “All Mother,” is connected to and in some […]

SURROGATES Again: Wealth and Play, Crime and War

I recognize that with this post this brings the total to three that interact with the new film Surrogates, but given the wealth of material within it for cultural reflection I ask the reader's patience as I explore a few other facets. By way of background to the film, Surrogates presents a quasi-utopian world in […]

Cinefantastique Online - SURROGATES: Sci-Fi Thriller's Reflections on the Self and the Synthetic

My latest essay for Cinefantastique Online is now available, titled "SURROGATES: Sci-Fi Thriller's Reflections on the Self and the Synthetic." Here is an excerpt: Although SURROGATES will likely not set great box office records, in my view the film is a significant one. Many times I build up great expectations based upon film trailers and […]

SURROGATES: Sci-Fi Thriller on Robotics and Digital Technologies

One of the more interesting research and writing projects I worked on earlier this year was a chapter for a forthcoming book through Westminster John Knox Press on videogames and digital cultures where I presented some thoughts on a techno theology of cybersociality, the interactions between human beings over the Internet and through other digital technologies […]

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