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An Excerpt from Real Wolfmen

The book Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America (Penguin Books, 2012) by Linda S. Godfrey is now out, and it makes an interesting contribution to the study of cryptozoology, as well as horror and culture. Following is an excerpt: The U.S. has been invaded – if many dozens of eyewitnesses are to be believed […]

Program Premier: National Geographic's Beast Hunter

Surveys indicate that two-thirds of Americans have experienced or believe in various paranormal phenomena. This is evident in the fact that not only do channels like SyFy and the History Channel include documentaries or pseudo-documentaries on the paranormal, but now so does the National Geographic Channel. This will be the case with a new program […]

SyFy Channel's "Beast Legends" Debuts This Week

The SyFy Channel has an interesting series that debuts this week called Beast Legends: Beast Legends is a new six-part series that journeys around the world using scientific data to reconstruct what mythological monsters, from Krakens and Griffins to Fire Dragons, would have looked like. In each of the hour-long episodes, Beast Legends uncovers historical […]

Cryptozoology: Chupacabra Killed in Texas?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Has the legendary, blood-sucking monster, El Chupacabra, been shot and killed in Texas? The Discovery Channel's description of Chupacabra: Mysterious animal deaths sparked mass hysteria on the small island of Puerto Rico. In 1992, Puerto Rican newspapers reported a series of strange killings […]

Gary Varner: Creatures in the Mist and Comparative Mythology

Mythologist and folklorist Gary Varner was a recent guest here answering questions about the origins, history, and expressions of gargoyles and grotesques. He has researched a variety of subjects and is the author of Creatures in the Mist: Little People, Wild Men and Spirit Beings around the World: A Study of Comparative Mythology (Algora Publishing, […]

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