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Update on Butcher Knives & Body Counts

I am pleased to share an update regarding the book Butcher Knives & Body Counts (Dark Scribe Press, forthcoming). The volume's editor, Vince Liaguno, sent an email to contributors today with word that plans are in place to have physical copies of the book in hand in time for some exposure to librarians and booksellers […]

Essay Accepted for Butcher Knives & Body Counts

I am pleased and humbled that my essay contribution to Butcher Knives & Body Counts: Essays on the Formula, Frights, and Fun of the Slasher Film (Dark Scribe Press, forthcoming) was recently accepted. The essay is titled "Slasher Films As Modern Chaos Monster Myths." The piece touches on the ancient chaos monster which was conceived […]

Long History and Many Forms: Chaos Monsters Then and Today

For as long as human beings have been trying to explain their place in the cosmos they have been creating monsters. We are familiar with many of the contemporary versions of these creatures, but what we might not readily recognize is that one monster in particular seems to be dominant throughout history and across cultures. […]

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