Archive for the "Body" Category Witches and Wicked Bodies at the British Museum

It’s well documented that the classification of ‘witch’ was once used as an excuse to torture and murder innocent women. But how were these so-called conjurers and sorceresses portrayed in art? The answer can be found at Witches and Wicked Bodies — the exhibition now at the British Museum, after a successful showing in Scotland […]

Todd Browning’s Bagel Heads

Last night I caught a program produced by National Geographic, an episode in their series Taboo. This particular program looked at various aspects of body modification. One expression comes in the form of a new fad introduced in Japan, the “Bagel Head.” In this procedure individuals have saline injected into their foreheads until swelling develops, […]

Elf Ears: New Trend in Body Modification

Today I became aware of a new trend in body modification, the creation of pointed ears reminiscent of those on Elves from Lord of the Rings, Avatar‘s Na’vi, and Star Trek‘s Vulcans. There is a lot of discussion and examples of it on the Internet, but an ABC News/Health online video provides an interesting, and […]

Body Worlds: Art as Horrific Expression

Body Worlds is presently on display in Salt Lake City here in the state where I live. In case you haven’t heard of this before, Body Worlds is described as part art, part science, the brainchild of Gunther von Hagens. It involves the use of actual cadavers whose tissues have been injected with plastic in […]

“The problem with horror movies is…”: Reflections on our cultural context

The League of Tana Tea Drinks (LOTT D) elite group of blogging horrorheads is putting together another unity blog, and one of the topics for discussion involved an invitation to complete the following sentence: “The problem with today’s horror movies is…” Contributors were given the opportunity to finish this sentence in keeping with its negative connotation, or take another […]

The Body and Horror

With my graduate studies drawing to a close I have finally had some time to expand my reading list, and one of the areas I have been exploring is religion and film, primarily as it relates to horror, science fiction, and fantasy. As part of my reading I have a stack of articles from The […]

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