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Bluewater Productions Gets Graphic with Ray Harryhausen Presents: THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM

I recently received a press release from my talented filmmaking friend Marc Lougee that describes his latest project with another group of friends, the good folks at Bluewater Productions. Congratulations to them both with this new project: BELLINGHAM, WASH. (NOVEMBER 25, 2008) – The success of Ray Harryhausen Presents; The Pit and the Pendulum, a short stop motion animated film produced […]

Bartholomew of the Scissors: New BlueWater Comics Release

One of my fellow LOTT D members, Chad Helder of Unspeakable Horror!, is involved in a new comic project through BlueWater Comics titled Bartholomew of the Scissors. I have had the privilege to preview this comic and the look is amazing. Below Chad shares some of his thoughts on the comic as writer, and Daniel […]

Darren Davis: Blue Water and Forthcoming "Vince Price Presents" Comics Series

Bluewater Productions recently announced one of their latest comic ventures, a "Vince Price presents" series. Following on the heels of the successful "Ray Harryhausen presents" series, this new production looks interesting. Darren Davis, President and Editor-in Chief for Bluewater, chatted with me earlier today about this project. TheoFantastique: Another blog made me aware of your […]

BlueWater Productions Comics: Interview with Darren Davis

Comic books are big business these days, and they attract the attention of not only children, but also many adults, and they increasingly provide creative concepts and stories for Hollywood films. Readers may be familiar with large comic production companies like Marvel, DC, or Dark Horse, but there is an up and coming comic company […]

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