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Despite a Distinguished Pedigree and Helpful Function, Monsters Receive Little Respect

You might recall comedian Rodney Dangerfield's old schtick about getting no respect. Our monstrous literary and cinematic creations might sympathize, as well as those who find them of interest beyond escapist pop culture entertainment. Last week I was looking at the intriguing academic research and writing of Michael Collings of Pepperdine University who has written […]

Beowulf: Anti-Christian Bias, Nordic Jesus Christ, or Mistaken Interpretations?

Steve Biodrowski of Cinefantastique Online asked me if I had seen Beowulf, and whether I had an opinion on allegations he has heard that the film contains anti-Christian bias. Although the film looked intriguing because of its high-quality computer animation, I had not seen the film and was not able to form an opinion, but […]

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