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Batman and Psychology: Podcast Interview with Travis Langley

Within moments of the Aurora, Colorado shooting at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, media speculation began as to alleged causes in popular culture that may have helped lead to this event. Some of the causes included aspects of fantastic popular culture, including The Dark Knight Rises, Batman, and dark fantasy films. But are […]

The Dark Knight: Batman, Bush, and the American Conscience

I admit that when it comes to being able to take in the latest box office happenings I am often late to the party. Time and budgetary restraints mean that I usually take in recent films as they come out on DVD. Thankfully the lag between box office and DVD debuts are shrinking these days. […]

Feast for Animation Fans

A number of items came to my attention this week that provided sustenance to my animation tastes. The Ovation TV Channel has been running a week-long series of programs devoted to the theme of animation. This has included Chuck Amuk: The Movie, a look at animator Chuck Jones known for his legendary work on Looney […]

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